⚠  FlexiSPY does not run surreptitiously as it offers the user the choice of showing the icon on the device if required.


Spy phone software being hidden has now become a feature itself and one of the most important ones. On Android, there are many places where spy phone software that is advertised as being hidden can possibly be found and this article will compare Mspy with FlexiSPY on Android to see which ones delivers on the website promise of the software being completely undetectable. It was not Mspy. During our testing of Mspy for Android it was easy to find Mspy on the TARGET device because, when spy phone software says it is undetectable it usually means just hiding the program icon and nothing more. Because we could find Mspy we then perform the same tests with FlexiSPY so you can really see which Android spy phone software makes true on its website promise of being completely hidden once installed on to an Android phone.

Mspy sells their software as being invisible

Mspy advertise that their software is in fact 100% undetectable but this is not the case.

mspy screenshot

Mspy is not completely invisible and can be detected. Here is what we found.

1. Mspy was flagged as a virus when scanned by antivirus

mspy screenshot

Even though Mspy hides its own icon it still gets flagged as a virus so the phone owner can see that, notice something wrong has been installed and quickly remove it. FlexiSPY, on the other hand, is not classed as a virus in any way when scanned.

2. Mspy was unable to hide the SuperSU icon or itself inside SuperSU

mspy screenshot

On a rooted phone, there will always be the SuperSU icon which appears after you have successfully rooted it. Because you need root permission to get the most out of Mspy the phone owner will immediately notice this new icon and they can then tap it to view Mspy listed inside and can then set about removing it. FlexiSPY not only hides the SuperSU icon but also itself from inside SuperSU. This means that only FlexiSPY hides itself completely on a rooted Android phone when compared to Mspy.

3. Mspy can be uninstalled from the application manager menu

mspy screenshot

Even on a rooted phone Mspy still appears in the application manager menu. All it takes is the phone owner to see an unfamiliar program has been installed and for them to perform a few taps to remove it and then Mspy is gone. Once FlexiSPY has been installed on to an Android phone it no longer appears in the application manager menu and cannot be removed the same way that Mspy can.

4. Mspy could be found and uninstalled using third party software

mspy screenshot

The more technical Android user will be familiar with task manager software as it allows them to see how their phone is performing and see which applications use up the most memory or battery for example. This same software also lists Mspy and allows for it to be uninstalled completely. But because FlexiSPY is completely once installed on to an Android phone not even task manager software can find it.

5. Mspy was visible in the download list

mspy screenshot

Even though the software icon is hidden, in the phone browser, being able to see the download URL means that the phone owner can simply go to the website listed and immediately know that Mspy has been installed and they can then remove it using the other methods outlined above.

FlexiSPY understands undetectability better than Mspy

To be the best spy phone software you need to be undetected. Mspy is not undetectable as their website says and can easily be found in a variety of places. FlexiSPY hides itself far better than Mspy and deals with rooting and hiding itself and SuperSU in a far better way than Mspy too. FlexiSPY is therefore clearly the obvious choice for Android spy phone software for those who wish to spy on a rooted Android phone and remain undetected whilst doing it. They even help with the Android rooting process which other competitors do not.

Below you can find the detailed specifications of Mspy used during testing, the Android TARGET device and further information about all software used during testing.

mspy screenshot