⚠  FlexiSPY does not run surreptitiously as it offers the user the choice of showing the icon on the device if required.

StealthGenie sell their software as being invisible

Nearly all spy phone software advertises on their website that their software is invisible, undetectable, stealth or completely hidden but what does this mean? Usually, this means nothing more than simply hiding the software icon which means that, if you take time to look, the spy phone software that is advertised can really be found quite easily. This article will examine the Android visibility claims of StealthGenie and FlexiSPY and test to see, once installed, how easy it is to find StealthGenie and FlexiSPY by showing you where to look and what you will see when you look there. In fact, StealthGenie was not very well hidden at all.

StealthGenie advertise that their software is in fact 100% undetectable but this is not the case.

stealthgenie screenshot

StealthGenie is not completely invisible and can be detected. Here is what we found.

1. StealthGenie was flagged as a virus when scanned by antivirus

stealthgenie screenshot

Most Android phones will have antivirus installed on them to protect them and keep the contents of the phone safe. The majority of spy phone software usually gets flagged as a virus which means that the phone owner will immediately know something has been installed on their phone.

2. StealthGenie was unable to hide the SuperSU icon or itself inside SuperSU

stealthgenie screenshot

To get the most out of Android spy phone software the phone needs to be rooted first. This installs the SuperSU program which has its own icon. Again, this means that the phone owner can see this new icon and open SuperSU and find StealthGenie. FlexiSPY allows you to hide SuperSU completely.

3. StealthGenie can be uninstalled from the application manager menu

stealthgenie screenshot

Because only the software icon is hidden spy phone software still acts like normal software meaning it can be removed in the normal way the same as all other Android software. StealthGenie was quick to be removed as you would any other Android application. FlexiSPY did not even appear in the application manager menu once installed.

4. StealthGenie could be found and uninstalled using third party software

stealthgenie screenshot

Android phone owners can be rather technical and task manager software really allows them to get the most out of their phone and its performance. It also means that usually, the same software can detect spy phone software as well – such as StealthGenie – but FlexiSPY was nowhere to be found.

5. StealthGenie was visible in the download list

stealthgenie screenshot

After installation, the StealthGenie download file was visible so the phone owner can go to the download website and know that StealthGenie is installed on the phone and set about removing it. FlexiSPY leaves no traces at all once installed.

FlexiSPY understands undetectability better than StealthGenie

Spyphone software, no matter the features or price should be about one thing – not getting caught. In all our tests StealthGenie was found in all the places that we looked. On a rooted phone, this is unacceptable especially when it can be uninstalled so easily in such an easy way. FlexiSPY on the other hand really harnesses the power of a rooted Android phone.

They use the added power to truly hide their Android spy phone software and it was not present in any of the places we looked compared to the competitors that were visible repeatedly. There is no doubt that if you want to spy in complete stealth on an Android phone that FlexiSPY is the spyphone software to pick.

Not only does rooting the Android phone give you far more features with FlexiSPY but, as we have shown it also allows the software to be hidden completely.

stealthgenie screenshot