This article looks at how FlexiSPY and Mobistealth each spy on BBM messages taking place on your Android target phone. We discuss why shared media from IM communication is important, and how much of this “rich content” is captured by each product. To understand our testing methods.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) offers 10 basic ways to communicate – far more than text alone. Shared content makes these conversations interactive with more emotional response and subtle meaning than text alone ever could. Text chat is often centered on pictures and other media as the actual topic, while voice recordings are used in place of words for more personal messaging, and stickers or emoticons express a full range of emotion. If you’re spying on BBM but can’t see the rich multimedia and other content being shared, you’re missing important parts of these conversations.

mobistealth screenshot

Mobistealth doesn’t monitor any BBM logs for Android, even basic text. In fact, Mobistealth does not currently offer any IM monitoring features for Android target phones, it is simply not offered.

This is compared to 7 out of 10 types of BBM chat data successfully captured by FlexiSPY. This includes all text, photos, audio messages and more.

Is Shared Content Really Important?

BBM chat offers a variety of chat elements and media that communicates meaning without any words at all. IM conversations may continue for days with minimal text, yet express a world of desire and emotion in shared stickers, emoticons, photos or even voice recorded messages. This type of content has become a standard part of how most people chat with BBM and other IM services.

If a contact sends a picture and your target replies “I want it now!” then without seeing that picture you won’t know if your target wanted a luscious rack of lamb, a cold brew, or something much hotter! Or if they send a voice recording that says “I love you,” you’ll never know what was said or planned unless your spy software is also capable of monitoring this part of the conversation to.

mobistealth screenshot

IMs like BBM allow users to send a variety of rich content and shared media such as stickers, emoticons, voice messages, pictures, video clips, personal location data and more. That’s why in the search for the best spyphone, it’s important that a cell phone monitoring app like FlexiSPY captures more than text alone. Here are the 10 basic pieces of chat information you can send via BBM:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Picture
  • Text
  • Emoticons
  • Shared Contacts
  • Attachments (can be pics or etc)
  • Camera Pictures
  • Voice Recordings
  • Location (meet me here!)
  • Dropbox file links

We used this information as sample data for testing both FlexiSPY and its competitors. In the screenshot Fig. 2 you can see a conversation with some of these BBM chat elements as displayed on the target phone itself.

How Does FlexiSPY Capture BBM?

The FlexiSPY dashboard logged most of the chat and media elements that were shared in our conversations. The logs are also displayed in the comfortable and readable style of alternating contacts on each side of the screen, the same way BBM is displayed on the target phone itself.


Mobistealth doesn’t offer BBM monitoring for Android, so it does not capture any part of BBM. FlexiSPY however captured 7 of 10 possible BBM chat and media types. This included all text conversation, contact name and profile picture, shared photos and audio messages.

Scoring 7 out of 10, FlexiSPY has proven to capture more BBM chat data than any competing mobile monitoring app – including Mobistealth.

FlexiSPY vs Mobistealth – Who Captures More Blackberry Messenger?

Because Mobistealth does not offer any IM monitoring services for Android, you won’t capture any BBM chat logs at all with Mobistealth – basic text or otherwise. If your target uses Blackberry Messenger, you’ll need a better choice as Mobistealth is a non-competitor in this area.

While FlexiSPY missed Dropbox links and shared locations, it did capture just about everything else, including all shared media. FlexiSPY also clearly identified each of the contacts your target is communicating with, including name and profile pictures, and displayed this information in an easy to follow manner (See Fig. 3). There’s clearly more to track and follow across all smartphone communications with FlexiSPY. If you want the most from your BBM monitoring, FlexiSPY is the only reliable choice.

FlexiSPY also captures other popular IM services which are summarized in the table below and in the blog article here. These are compared in other articles from this series.