The usual spyphone software – FlexiSPY included – all advertise IM capturing but Mobistealth are still the only ones who offer absolutely no IM capturing of any kind. On their website they make no effort to address this issue and, if you compare Mobistealth and FlexiSPY like for like then FlexiSPY is the far better spy phone based upon features alone. FlexiSPY though also captures IM services as well, in fact, they capture more than any other competitor who does offer IM capturing and one of the IM services that FlexiSPY supports is indeed Skype.

mobistealth screenshot

So how can you compare FlexiSPY against Mobistealth when Mobistealth clearly offers no IM capturing in any way? Technically you cannot. All we can do is hope that Mobistealth, like Mobile Spy, update their software to provide better IM capturing and to support more IM services (although the latest features of Mobile Spy failed to work in our tests which you can read about here) so that Mobistealth can finally compete with FlexiSPY and all other spy phone software who do offer IM capturing.

FlexiSPY not only captures the most IM services when compared to all other spy phone competitors but they also capture the most IM services on Android as well.

FlexiSPY gives you the complete Skype IM conversation

Because FlexiSPY is the only spy phone software to capture Skype in this comparison it already has the advantage so that question we must answer now is how well does FlexiSPY capture Skype?

Many other spy phone software who advertise IM capturing only real capture the text of the IM conversation. This means that any rich media shared in the conversation (be it pictures, audio, video, stickers etc.) is not captured so the entire conversation may be misunderstood if people are talking about something and you are unable to see the shared rich media to fully understand the context of what it means.

In addition to this, because many spy phone software captures just the IM conversation text they display it inside the respective online account in a manner that is not easy to understand or follow. With gaps in the IM conversation due to the spy phone software not capturing all elements of the IM chat, you may be left wondering just exactly what you are reading and what it really means.

mobistealth screenshot

FlexiSPY addresses this by not only capturing the text and rich media of Skype IM conversations but, inside the FlexiSPY online account, as you can see in the picture, the captured IM conversation is displayed in a format that is as close to what you would expect to see on the actual TARGET device. When you combine this with the rich media captured also (which FlexiSPY allows you to save to your computer for more analysis) you can see why FlexiSPY is the best spy phone software for IM capturing and why they make such a big deal about capturing not only the largest quantity of IM services but also the most quality of any IM conversation as well.

FlexiSPY gives you all of the Skype conversation

The evidence here speaks for itself.

FlexiSPY captures the text and rich media of all Skype conversations that take place on the TARGET device. This is not only much more than what Mobistealth offers in terms of IM capture but it is also much more than all other spy phone software offers who do advertise IM capturing.

To see why FlexiSPY offers the best features and compatibility for IM capturing look at the table below which shows which IM services are captured by FlexiSPY on which platforms versus that captured by competitors.

mobistealth screenshot