This article will compare the iMessage capturing of FlexiSPY against the iMessage capturing of Mobistealth. To start, it should be noted that Mobistealth is the only spy phone software to not offer any instant messaging capturing at all. This immediately gives FlexiSPY the advantage because not only does FlexiSPY capture iMessage but it also captures more instant messaging services and more instant messaging content across all smartphones and tablets than any other spy phone software.

How important is IM capturing for spy phone software?

Everyone uses instant messaging software during their day. From posting on Twitter or Facebook to Skype conversations with friends and family. These are all instant messaging conversations which means that there is potentially so much data that can be harvested. Spy phone software now offer instant messaging capturing as standard but the number of IM services offered and IM services that are compatible varies with each spy phone product.

As an example, Mobistealth captures no IM services compared to FlexiSPY which captures 13 (meaning they capture more IM services than any other spy phone software) but it is not about quantity it is also about quality. Many other spy phone software captures just the text of the instant messaging conversation and this means that you are potentially missing out on a whole other side of the conversation because shared rich media such as images, videos or locations is not captured. This leads to gaps in the conversation and you having to try to manually piece together the conversation yourself.

mobistealth screenshot

Mobistealth offers no iMessage capturing of any kind

We do not know why Mobistealth still offer no instant messaging of any kind. We expect this to change in the future though but, for now, Mobistealth has no iMessage capturing of any kind. This means that already FlexiSPY has the advantage, of course just because FlexiSPY offers iMessage capturing does not make it the clear winner. We need to see just how well FlexiSPY offers iMessage capturing.

FlexiSPY captures iMessage and gives you the shared rich media too

During testing, FlexiSPY captured the text of iMessage, which is the same as all other spy phone software that offer iMessage capturing. But what FlexiSPY does which the competitors do not is capture the shared rich media. When it comes to shared rich media, iMessage is rather limited compared to other IM services such as Facebook, but FlexiSPY successfully managed to capture shared location data, shared contacts and shared images shared between both sides of the conversation.

mobistealth screenshot

That’s not all, FlexiSPY also displays the captured iMessage content, text and shared rich media, inside the FlexiSPY online account in a manner that makes it easier to understand than any other competitor. What this essentially means is that FlexiSPY displays all captured instant message data, such as that captured from iMessage, in conversation view so it looks as close as possible to what you would expect to see on the device itself.

FlexiSPY captures iMessage and Mobistealth doesn’t

The evidence here speaks for itself.

FlexiSPY captures iMessage. Mobistealth does not. Not only that but FlexiSPY captures the text and shared rich media of an iMessage conversation which is more than other spy phone software that advertises that they do have iMessage capturing.

FlexiSPY also displays every captured iMessage conversation inside the FlexiSPY online dashboard in an easy to understand format that is as close as to what is seen on the actual device itself.

In addition to this, all captured iMessage shared rich media can be downloaded from inside the FlexiSPY online dashboard and saved to your computer for later analysis. When you combine all that and add a powerful search function allowing you to drill in to the captured iMessage conversations to find exactly what you are looking for then it is easy to see why FlexiSPY far outperforms Mobistealth when it comes to iMessage and IM capturing overall when compared to other spy phone software as well.

In fact, FlexiSPY captures more IM services than any other spy phone competitor across all smartphone platforms as you can see from the table below. So, if you are looking for spy phone software for spy phone software to capture iMessage instant messaging capturing then FlexiSPY sets the standard that all other spy phone competitors are currently trying to follow.

mobistealth screenshot