This article examines the capabilities of MSpy to spy on Facebook messages. On their website, Mspy advertise capturing a total of 5 IM services compared to 13 from FlexiSPY. If you compare like for like on Android then FlexiSPY still captures more Android IM services than Mspy with 8 to 3 in favor of FlexiSPY.

But it is not just about how many IM services are captured when measuring spy phone IM performance. The accuracy of information captured, especially when it comes to shared rich media are as important if not more so than capturing just the text of the IM conversation itself and we will compare just how in-depth Mspy and FlexiSPY capture Facebook later in this article. Aside from Facebook, MSpy also claims to capture Skype, WhatsApp and Viber and we look at each of these in other articles from this series.

What makes for good Facebook IM capture?

Capturing the standard text conversation is not enough. The shared rich media should also be captured. This is the shared media elements sent between the two devices and include images, stickers and emoticons. After all, a picture can often convey more feeling or emotion than standard text or can be used in a suggestive manner to hint at subtexts that text alone just cannot convey well enough.

So spy phone software that advertises IM capturing must make sure that as much of the information from every IM conversation is captured and uploaded to the online account. Once the data has been uploaded to the online account the data must be easy to understand and interpret and this means that it is beneficial if the captured IM chats look as close as they do on the TARGET and recipient devices themselves.

In the picture shown you can see a sample of the kinds of shared rich media that Facebook allows and we will be using that as a measurement to judge how well FlexiSPY and MSpy capture Facebook.

Mspy only really captures the text of a Facebook IM conversation

mspy screenshot

When comparing how well Mspy captured Facebook the results were less than positive.

As you can see in the picture on the right is Mspy capturing only the text of a Facebook conversation. This means that because no rich media is captured also there are gaps in the conversation where you either have to try and find what picture is being referred to in another part of the Mspy online dashboard or just guess the conversation meaning which is not what spy phone software should do.

Furthermore, Mspy are a little sneaky, the same way as all other FlexiSPY spy phone competitors are when it comes to IM capturing because they capture the media of the phone (pictures, videos) but some of this may or may not be related to a captured Facebook IM conversation.

This means that, as said, you are often spending more time trying to figure out if any of the captured pictures are relating to the Facebook text you are reading which Mspy has captured.

FlexiSPY captures the most information for Facebook IM capture

As you can see from the picture below not only does FlexiSPY capture the Facebook IM text as MSpy does but it goes so much further than that. FlexiSPY first displays the captured IM information in conversation view which makes it easier to read and understand and means that it looks as close as it can do compared to the Facebook chat information on the actual devices used.

This means that you see all the Facebook IM chat. And this includes shared rich media as well such as images and stickers as well as profile information of both TARGET and recipient. Not only that but FlexiSPY allows you to download and save all captured rich media to your computer for further analysis as well as offering a powerful search feature allowing you to search for the specific IM information you are really looking for.

mspy screenshot

FlexiSPY gives you more depth of Facebook capturing than any competitor

Currently, it is only FlexiSPY that gives you the complete Facebook IM capturing experience. All other competitors either capture text only or text only with media elements saved elsewhere as explained and some choose to not capture any IM services at all. What this article has shown is that FlexiSPY not only offers the most IM services captured across all supported smartphone platforms but that it also gives you the greatest depth of information captured which is easy to interpret, understand and search within.

This allows FlexiSPY to capture the IM information of Facebook that you are really wanting, all the important details that only can be achieved through spy phone software that really understands the need for IM capture and the level of quality that its customers expect. Capturing text is no longer enough with more and more people sharing rich media over Facebook it makes sense that FlexiSPY offers the best Facebook IM capturing for those who want to spy on Facebook.

To see why FlexiSPY offers the best features and compatibility for IM capturing look at the table below which shows which IM services are captured by FlexiSPY on which platforms versus that captured by competitors. To read the full, in-depth review of Mspy.

mspy screenshot