FlexiSPY vs. Mspy for iPhone – Which is best for spying on iMessage?

This article will compare the iMessage capturing of Mspy and FlexiSPY. According to the Mspy website, they capture a total of 4 IM services on iPhone which are iMessage, Skype, Viber and Whatsapp. In comparison, FlexiSPY captures 11 IM services for iPhone which is nearly three times that which is currently offered by Mspy.

How important is IM capturing for spy phone software?

Capturing IM services is very important for spy phone software. Because more and more people own smartphones the use of IM services such as Facebook or LINE to keep in touch with friends and family has risen dramatically.

Apple understands this which is why they created the Apple exclusive iMessage IM service which allows any two Apple devices to communicate using Instant Messaging for free. However, when you compare iMessage to more established IM services such as Facebook then iMessage is rather limited in terms of the rich media that is offered to be shared between all people involved in the conversation.

Capturing rich media such as images, videos, shared location and audio files is more and more important because it is not just text that is important when it comes to an instant messaging conversation. A sticker can convey more emotion than any text ever could and the use of a picture is often in place of words not spoken so capturing the rich media means that you get all the conversation and are not wondering what the blank parts are between text.

mspy screenshot

Mspy offers iMessage capturing for iPhone but it’s just the text

When it comes to capturing iMessage Mspy only gives you the text. This means that all shared rich media (contacts, images, location etc.) are not captured at all. Using Mspy means you lose out on a lot of the iMessage conversation if shared rich media is involved.

Inside the Mspy online account, the captured iMessage conversation text is not shown in conversation view. Conversation view is when the text is aligned left and right the same way that iMessage does on an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Because of this, it is very hard to follow captured iMessage conversations inside an Mspy online account. Mspy also choose to display the iMessage captured text inside the SMS section of its online account. This makes no sense seeing as all other instant messaging services supported by Mspy has its own section inside the online account.

FlexiSPY captures iMessage all of the iMessage conversation

Unlike Mspy FlexiSPY captures the text and shared rich media of an iMessage conversation. That means that if you want to see the whole iMessage conversation and not just the text then FlexiSPY far exceeds Mspy.

FlexiSPY gives you the text and rich media as well as the shared location which you simply copy in to your web browser to find the location. Furthermore, unlike Mspy, FlexiSPY displays the captured iMessage conversation inside the FlexiSPY online account in conversation view.

mspy screenshot

FlexiSPY also displays the iMessage captured conversation and rich media inside the IM messages section of the FlexiSPY online account with each supported IM services getting its own category which makes it far easier to navigate than Mspy’s online account.

The FlexiSPY online account displays the captured iMessage conversation looks as close as possible to how it would look on the actual Apple devices that were used to create the conversation. FlexiSPY also allows you to save all shared rich media in an iMessage conversation to your computer for later analysis which is something that no other spy phone software offers.

FlexiSPY captures more of iMessage than Mspy

The evidence here speaks for itself.

FlexiSPY captures more elements of an iMessage conversation, including rich media. Mspy captures just the text.

FlexiSPY displays captured iMessage data in an easy to follow format inside the online account whereas Mspy displays all the incoming iMessage text together followed by all the outgoing which makes the conversation thread hard to follow.

FlexiSPY features a far more comprehensive search feature inside its online account which allows you to perform powerful search queries on the captured iMessage data so you can really find out the details you are looking for whilst also allowing you to download all shared rich media that has been captured to your computer sot that you can examine it later.

But FlexiSPY not only captures the most of iMessage compared to Mspy and its competitors but it also captures more instant messaging service across all smartphone platforms too. FlexiSPY gives you more capturing for the most popular IM services as well as capturing more of the instant message data than any other spy phone software as illustrated in the table below.

mspy screenshot