This article reviews FlexiSPY and MSpy for monitoring Snapchat logs from your iPhone target phone.

In the past year, Snapchat has become one of the hottest social apps in the world. Snapchat is an IM communications app with the unique feature of sharing “impermanent” text, photos and videos which last up to 10 seconds only, and are believed impossible to archive, save or view more than once.

Extremely popular with youth and flirtatious adults who communicate discreetly, if your target uses Snapchat you may want to monitor it. Snapchat inspires more risqué behavior in photo sharing, simply because of how it works. You might already monitor Facebook and other IM’s, but the allure of instant gratification with the (ill-conceived) notion of impermanence makes users more reckless in sharing the kind of selfies and other images they would never post on Facebook, or another IM’s. This also makes Snapchat a potential nightmare for many parents of teenagers.

Snapchat Options

Snapchat communicates by standard IM chat, photos and video clips that display for only up to 10 seconds when a contact opens them, and a live video function. No stickers, audio recordings, location or profile photos are part of Snapchat, as it is designed primarily to encourage spontaneous and presumably temporary photo sharing.

mspy screenshot

There are 5 basic pieces of chat information you can send via Snapchat:

  • Contact Name
  • Snap photo
  • Snap video clip
  • Snap chat (text)
  • Video call (live streaming)

We used each of these in testing both FlexiSPY and its competitors. In the screenshot Fig. 1 you can see a typical screen from Snapchat as it appears on a mobile phone. The image here shows one picture sent and another received that is waiting to be viewed.

How does MSpy capture Snapchat?

mspy screenshot

MSpy doesn’t offer any Snapchat monitoring. This is compared to 4 out of 5 types of Snapchat communications successfully captured by FlexiSPY. This included text chat logs, contact names, pictures and videos sent and received.

MSpy claims to capture Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and iMessage for iPhone – but not Snapchat. We look at how MSpy captures these in other reviews from this series.

How does FlexiSPY capture Snapchat?

FlexiSPY accurately captured all Snapchat text, photos and videos sent between our target user and multiple contacts. These were also identified by contact name. While these communications are only displayed temporarily in the app itself, FlexiSPY archived all of it. FlexiSPY provides a scrolling history of the communications between your target and all contacts, appearing on alternating sides of the screen.

mspy screenshot

FlexiSPY is currently the only cell phone monitoring software to record Snapchat logs; this puts FlexiSPY clearly in the lead for monitoring “ephemeral” Snapchat text, photos and videos.

Only FlexiSPY monitors Snapchat logs. No other mobile monitoring software offers it – including MSpy.

FlexiSPY vs MSpy – Who Captures More Snapchat?

MSpy does not include Snapchat monitoring, so you cannot capture any Snapchat communications with MSpy. If your target uses Snapchat you’ll need FlexiSPY to monitor it, as FlexiSPY is the only spyphone software that monitors Snapchat.

FlexiSPY doesn’t yet capture the streaming video calls in Snapchat, but it does capture all Snapchat text messages, photos and videos, plus contact names. FlexiSPY is currently the only cell phone monitoring software to offer Snapchat logging. FlexiSPY sends Snapchat’s ephemeral or temporary text and images into your personal archive online, where it is saved for your viewing not only for 10 seconds but whenever you want!

FFlexiSPY captures Snapchat and clearly identifies all contacts your target is communicating with and displays this information in an easy to follow manner (See Fig. 3). There’s clearly more to track and follow with FlexiSPY. If you need Snapchat monitoring, FlexiSPY is the only choice.

FlexiSPY also captures other popular IM services which are summarized in the table below and in the blog article here. These are compared in other articles from this series.

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