BREAKING NEWS: The StealthGenie Site Is Offline

It should be added that for the time being, StealthGenie have gone offline. If you’re one of the purchasers of this software, and are unable to contact StealthGenie support, or couldn’t get a StealthGenie refund, then we recommend that you head over to the FlexiSPY Trade In Program, where they will take StealthGenie off your hands.

This article looks at StealthGenie spyphone software and tests if it can capture LINE instant message conversations and, if it can, just how much of the conversation you receive and then compared it with FlexiSPY to see which spyphone software is the best for spying on LINE. StealthGenie and FlexiSPY will be tested to see if they successfully capture the rich media of the LINE conversations and not just the standard text.

On their website, StealthGenie advertise capturing for a wide variety of IM services which includes Facebook, iMessage, Whatsapp, GTalk, BBM, Skype, BB PIN and Viber. This means that StealthGenie captures a total of 8 IM services – 4 of which are for Android only and out of the 4 captured for Android LINE is not offered. FlexiSPY captures a total of 13 IM services, 5 more than StealthGenie and when it comes to Android FlexiSPY covers 8 IM services which is double what is offered by StealthGenie.

On top of that StealthGenie also only actually captures the text of the instant message conversation and does not capture any rich media. Capturing the rich media, which is very important when capturing IM conversations, only works on StealthGenie if the rich media is saved to the phone during the IM conversation from either phone instead of it being saved automatically as part of the entire captured IM conversation.

We discuss why this is not good and how FlexiSPY captures IM correctly later in the article.

How Important Is IM Capturing For Spy Phone Software?

stealthgenie screenshot

Capturing just the text of an IM conversation can not only alter the tone of the conversation but it can also mean that you may be missing out on other vital information that can only be expressed using rich media – after all, a picture says a thousand words.

Therefore capturing the rich media that takes place in an IM conversation is vital if spy phone software is to advertise IM capturing.

But what is rich media and how can you measure how well spyphone software captures it?

First, we need to understand what rich media is.

All instant messaging programs use rich media which can be shared between devices to enhance the overall tone or message of a conversation.

Examples of rich media include the following:

Now that we know what rich media is we need to determine how we will test how effective FlexiSPY and StealthGenie are when they capture it.

To do this we need two devices so that we can send and receive LINE conversations between both devices and then measure how much text and rich media from each side of the LINE conversation was captured by StealthGenie and FlexiSPY.

Main Test Outline

Our main device was a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 which was running Android OS 4.1.2 and had Mobile Spy installed as well as LINE version 4.0.1. Our second device was an iPhone 4 which also had LINE installed and we created a LINE conversation between both devices containing text and rich and then logged in to both the FlexiSPY online account and the StealthGenie online account to see how much of the overall LINE conversation was captured and record the results.

StealthGenie Only Really Captures the Text of The IM Conversation

On the StealthGenie website, on their features page, they state that for IM capture you get access to all the conversation as well as any audio, video or pictures sent through IM and saved on to the phone.

stealthgenie screenshot

What this actually means is that StealthGenie will give you the text of the conversation in the IM section of the online account but if the instant message conversation has pictures or video or audio in it which are not saved to the phone then no rich media will not be captured.

Not only that but any rich media that is saved to the phone will appear in the ‘videos’, ‘photos’ and ‘music’ section of the StealthGenie online account instead and not as part of the captured IM conversation text meaning that, if you read the captured IM conversation by StealthGenie there will be parts where it displays random characters which the rich media would be.

So, you must go and look at all the captured rich media and try to determine which picture or video fits in with the captured IM conversation text.

StealthGenie Captures Many IM Services But LINE Is Not One Of Them

StealthGenie provides IM capturing for a wide range of IM services across all platforms. However, when you compare it against FlexiSPY for just Android IM capture then FlexiSPY not only captures more IM services for Android than StealthGenie but it also captures more popular ones such as LINE as well.

stealthgenie screenshot

With LINE being so popular we are sure that StealthGenie will start to capture LINE in the very near future.

FlexiSPY Easily Captures LINE Instant Messages

Using FlexiSPY we sent the same LINE data from the Android TARGET device and the iPhone and back again and then logged in to the FlexiSPY online account to see the results.

stealthgenie screenshot

FlexiSPY captured all the LINE conversation and rich media correctly. FlexiSPY not only captures the IM conversation text and all rich media without needing it to be saved to the phone first but it also displays it logically inside the overall instant message conversation so everything remains in context and you never miss out on any important IM chat details.

If You Want To Spy On LINE Then You Need FlexiSPY

The evidence here speaks for itself.

StealthGenie offers a good range of capturing for many IM services just not as many as FlexiSPY. This means that, if you want to spy on IM then FlexiSPY is the best spy phone software to use to do this because not only do they capture all of the conversations that take place along with all the rich media but they also capture the most number of IM services and the ones which are the most popular.

FlexiSPY also captures other popular IM services which are summarized in the table below and in the blog article here and these will be compared against competitors in other articles in this series.

stealthgenie screenshot