BREAKING NEWS: The StealthGenie Site Is Offline

It should be added that for the time being, StealthGenie have gone offline. If you’re one of the purchasers of this software, and are unable to contact StealthGenie support, or couldn’t get a StealthGenie refund, then we recommend that you head over to the FlexiSPY Trade In Program, where they will take StealthGenie off your hands.

This article reviews FlexiSPY and StealthGenie’s ability to monitor Yahoo! Messenger (YM) IM logs from your iPhone target phone.

Parent company AOL hasn’t released any public stats on YM’s user base. However, Yahoo! Messenger was one of the first widely popular IM platforms and has been around since 1998. Yahoo! was also one of the first popular search engines and free email services, and secured YM’s popularity by integrating it into the free Yahoo! email service. Because of this anyone with a Yahoo! email account already has a Yahoo! Messenger account.

By integrating Yahoo Search, Email, News, Games, Dating and even the popular photo sharing site Flickr all under a single account and login, Yahoo has remained popular with both IM and email users of all ages.

Yahoo! Messenger Options

stealthgenie screenshot

Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone users communicate by text, emoticons and photo sharing, as well as streaming video and voice calls.


There are 7 basic types of chat information that can be sent with Yahoo Messenger for iPhone:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Photo
  • Text chat
  • Emoticons
  • Photo sharing
  • Video call
  • Audio call

We used each of these for testing both FlexiSPY and its competitors. In the screenshot Fig. 1 you can see a typical screen from YM as it appears on iPhone. The screenshot here shows text and images being sent and received via YM on iPhone.

How does StealthGenie capture Yahoo! Messenger?

stealthgenie screenshot

StealthGenie does not monitor any Yahoo! Messenger logs – it is not offered. This is compared to 4 out of 7 types of YM chat data FlexiSPY successfully captured.

StealthGenie claims to monitor Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage and BBM for iPhone, but not Yahoo! Messenger. We cover how well StealthGenie captured these other IMs in separate reviews from this series.

How does FlexiSPY capture Yahoo! Messenger?

FlexiSPY accurately captured 4 out of 7 types of YM communications, including all YM text plus photos sent between our target iPhone user and multiple contacts, which were also identified by contact names and profile pictures.

FlexiSPY chat logs are displayed in the online dashboard much like YM is seen on the phone itself, with alternating contacts on each side. Multiple contacts can easily be viewed and selected from beside the main log screen.

stealthgenie screenshot

FlexiSPY is the only cell phone monitoring and spy software to capture Yahoo! Messenger logs on iPhone – this makes FlexiSPY the only choice for Yahoo! Messenger text and photo monitoring on iPhone target phones.

Only FlexiSPY monitors YM logs on iPhone – no other mobile monitoring software offers it – including StealthGenie.

FlexiSPY vs StealthGenie – Who Captures More Yahoo! Messenger?

StealthGenie does not offer Yahoo! Messenger monitoring for iPhone. Therefore, StealthGenie can’t capture any YM communications from an iPhone target.

Although FlexiSPY doesn’t yet capture YM’s live audio and video calls, it did successfully capture all YM text messages and photos, plus contact names and profile pictures (emoticons are presented in ASCII equivalents). This information is displayed with each contact on alternating sides in an easy to read format. (See Fig. 3). FlexiSPY sends these logs to your personal online dashboard for review at any time inside your FlexiSPY account.

FlexiSPY offers more tracking and monitoring than any of its competitors. If your target uses Yahoo! Messenger on iPhone you’ll need FlexiSPY to monitor it, as FlexiSPY is the only cell phone monitoring software to offer Yahoo! Messenger IM logging on iPhone.

FlexiSPY also captures other popular IM services which are summarized in the table below and in the blog article here. These are compared in separate articles from this series.

stealthgenie screenshot