BREAKING NEWS: The StealthGenie Site Is Offline

It should be added that for the time being, StealthGenie have gone offline. If you’re one of the purchasers of this software, and are unable to contact StealthGenie support, or couldn’t get a StealthGenie refund, then we recommend that you head over to the FlexiSPY Trade In Program, where they will take StealthGenie off your hands.

This article will look at FlexiSPY and StealthGenie to determine which the best spy phone software is if you are looking to spy on iMessage conversations that take place on an iPhone. On their website, FlexiSPY advertises support for an impressive 13 instant messaging services across all supported smartphone platforms whereas StealthGenie supports 8. Whilst 8 is impressive from StealthGenie and is higher than all other competitors, it is FlexiSPY that captures the most number of IM services.

How Important Is IM Capturing For Spy Phone Software?

In two words. Very important. With more and more people becoming connected through smartphones and tablets it makes sense to start capturing the main way that they communicate with others and that is through sending instant messages using services such as Facebook, Skype or iMessage. But capturing the text alone is not enough.

More and more people are adding shared rich media to conversations which means elements such as images, videos or audio as well as shared locations or contacts are just as important as the conversation text itself. Spy phone software that advertises IM capturing for however many IM services need it to be more than just the text.

Capturing the shared rich media means that nothing needs to be second guessed when reviewing the captured conversation and you do not have blank parts in the conversation text where an image or sticker would be except it was not captured by the spy phone software being used. A picture says a thousand words after all so being able to give the entire captured instant messaging conversations is what separates spy phone software from those that just capture the instant messaging text to those that capture the text and all the shared rich media – so how do these two fare?

StealthGenie Advertises iMessage Capturing But It Worked Once And Then Stopped

When we tested StealthGenie on Android we were very impressed with it. Unfortunately, on iPhone, it was a different story. StealthGenie, like FlexiSPY, offers iMessage capturing for iPhone but during our testing, no iMessage data was captured by StealthGenie and uploaded to our account. StealthGenie support staff told us to wait 24 hours before any data at all was uploaded – we did that – but still not iMessage data was uploaded.

stealthgenie screenshot

We submitted a support ticket to StealthGenie asking why no iMessage data had been uploaded. Changing the StealthGenie dashboard settings to uploaded iMessage via wifi or mobile data (or both) had no effect neither did uninstalling StealthGenie and then reinstalling it. Despite our best efforts no iMessage data was captured and uploaded by StealthGenie even though they clearly advertise this as a feature on their website.

Furthermore, there is no way in StealthGenie to ‘force’ the software to upload any captured data in the s same way that FlexiSPY gives you. StealthGenie support staff say that this was due not wanting to arouse suspicion on the TARGET device and that the preferred amount of time to wait (TAT = turnaround time) is 24 hours.

This means that you must install and activate the software and wait 24 hours, potentially, for any data to be uploaded (the TARGET phone must have internet always according to StealthGenie) but what is also misleading is that inside the StealthGenie online account you see your old data, even if you reactivate again.

This can be very confusing. You deactivate StealthGenie, install it again and activate it again and log in again to find data already inside your account from your previous installation. FlexiSPY gets around this and makes it much easier by deleting all your data upon deactivation so that once you reinstall and reactivate you know that the new data is the most current.

stealthgenie screenshot

We have tested StealthGenie and its iMessage capabilities before and we found that it only captured the text. This means that there is no rich media captured nor is the captured conversation delivered in the StealthGenie online account in an easy to read manner as FlexiSPY does it.

However, we found that iMessage capturing was sporadic at best. It captures some iMessage data and then stopped completely and deactivating, uninstalling and reinstalling failed to solve the issue and this is the very same thing we are experiencing as we write this iMessage comparison. StealthGenie support were also not that helpful in getting us to address the issue and preferred to put the emphasis on fault being with the TARGET device and not StealthGenie itself.

FlexiSPY captures iMessage and gives you the shared rich media too

In contrast to StealthGenie FlexiSPY not only advertises iMessage capturing but delivers it as well. But that is not all. As was discussed at the start of this article capturing the text alone is not enough and FlexiSPY not only captures iMessage text but also all the shared rich media such as pictures, GPS locations and contacts than can take place during a conversation and very often have so much more meaning that just words.

stealthgenie screenshot

In addition to that FlexiSPY displays the captured iMessage conversation and shared rich media in conversation view which means that the captured iMessage conversation is displayed inside the FlexiSPY online account in an easy to follow manner that mimics the look of iMessage and how iMessage also displays conversations.

Furthermore, FlexiSPY offers a powerful search feature inside its online account allowing you to instantly drill down in to the captured iMessage data to find what you are really looking for instead of having to look through pages and pages of data to try and piece the conversation together yourself. FlexiSPY not only captures iMessage but also captures it to a higher level when compared against all other spy phone competitors.

FlexiSPY Captures iMessage And StealthGenie Doesn’t

The evidence here speaks for itself.

StealthGenie’s iMessage capturing is sporadic at best and the StealthGenie support team do little to help you resolve the issue. When StealthGenie does capture and upload iMessage it only captures the iMessage conversation text – none of the shared rich media such as location or contacts or images is captured.

When captured iMessage data does reach your StealthGenie online account it is presented in a manner that is hard to follow and you cannot even search through the captured data to find what you are looking for.

In contrast to this FlexiSPY captures both the text and shared rich media of an iMessage conversation. FlexiSPY allows you to upload data when you want to see it using remote SMS commands (titled ‘Send Immediate’ in FlexiSPY’s online dashboard control center) and displays the iMessage conversation in an easy to understand manner that reflects how iMessage itself is shown on the iPhone itself. On top of all that FlexiSPY allows you to perform powerful searches on the captured iMessage data as well.

So the results here speak for themselves. StealthGenie may advertise iMessage capturing but it does not really work. FlexiSPY advertises iMessage capturing as well as capturing more of the iMessage conversation than any other spy phone competitor who do claim that they capture iMessage. FlexiSPY is the spy phone software for those who are wanting to capture instant messaging as they capture more IM services and deliver more of the IM conversation to you than any other competitor as outlined in the chart below.

stealthgenie screenshot