Spy Phone Review is your antidote to the plague of fake review sites that pretend to have tested cell phone spying software.

You know the ones.

Created by affiliates or content farmers, these fake review sites claim to have tested the products they recommend, yet provide no actual test data. Short on content, much of it based on marketing materials, these sites exist to obfuscate not educate. They are easy to spot simply by looking at the affiliate links used to claim commissions from their paymasters

Spy Phone Review is different.

Created by FlexiSPY LABS, the product development division of FlexiSPY, it is part of our daily job to carry out detailed analysis of our competitors products. We spend weeks testing our own and our competitors products, and now, we want to make these results public. If we find something the competition do better, we will learn and improve on it. That’s the strategy we use to continue to lead the pack.

The actual test reports are long and boring for most readers, so we add a summary, but the raw data is there for everyone to see. Objective in tone, you will be able to see our test methodology, the version of device and firmware tested, and charts and tables showing you all kinds of things from battery life to data usage.

Next time you see a site reviewing spyphone software cell phone monitoring applications, check back here to see what these sites are leaving out. If there is a mobile or tablet spy product that we have not covered, just ask us to include it for testing.

After all, that’s what we do at FlexiSPY LABS

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