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TheTruthSpy Review | Not The Best Spy Software

Reviewed on December 21st, 2022

Pros, Cons and Bottom Line

    • Offers a 48-hour free trial
    • Cheap and flexible subscription packages

    • Need a rooted device
    • Many advertised features advertised do not come standard

Bottom Line

TheTruthSpy advertises itself as the best spy app for Android, as well as tablets and devices running iOS. However, after testing this product we found many of the features highlighted on the website failed to work when tested.

Executive Summary

TheTruthSpy advertises itself as the best spy app for Android, as well as tablets and devices running iOS. However, after testing this product we found many of the features highlighted on the website failed to work when tested.

TheTruthSpy offers 20+ features that are aimed at parents who want an IM and text spy to monitor their childrens’ smartphones and employers who need to track how employees use company devices. This product has basic features, like capturing instant messages and a keylogger, as well as advanced features, such as call recording, ambient recording and remote device locking.

We found that most of the features – even the IM capturing, which is the main selling point – did not work as stated. TheTruthSpy was also detected by the phone we tested, despite claims that this is the best invisible spy app for Android.

If TheTruthSpy’s features worked as advertised, this would be okay spy software for parents and employers. However, based on what we paid versus what actually worked, we consider TheTruthSpy to be the worst value of all the spy software we tested.

Installation Summary

“TheTruthSpy Is Not Invisible Spy Software”

TheTruthSpy is available for both iPhone and Android and before you install this spy software you can choose the Premium or the Gold package. The Gold package claims to have more chat application monitoring capabilities, like WhatsApp, as well as the advanced recording features.

truthspy screenshot

Our testing concluded that the Premium package does actually include all supported IM and chat services. We also found that applications, like WhatsApp, that were advertised as working without a rooted Android device, ended up requiring rooting to function properly. If you are only looking to monitor SMS and chat apps after installation, be sure to root your device. 

“TheTruthSpy was detected on our device during and after installation.”

TheTruthSpy did not run invisibly after it was installed, which is something the website emphasizes it will do. The spy software installs itself with an Android process icon, as well as a device administrator, which makes it possible for the user to discover it. TheTruthSPY can also be found if you do not clear the target’s browser history and delete the APK download file from the device.

TheTruthSpy is not noticeably more difficult to install than other spy apps and we did appreciate that it comes with a free 48-hour trial. However, we found that the different packages were misleading in what they offered the consumer and that this is not actually an invisible spy app.


TheTruthSpy offers 20+ features, which is more than many other spy apps. However, many of these features either did not work or worked with issues.

“Advertising 20+ features, we found most of these did not work or worked with issues.”

TheTruthSpy focuses on IM capturing, but its WhatsApp spy, Facebook spy and other popular chat application trackers did not work. This was the case for the keylogger too, which also failed when tested.

truthspy screenshot

The more advanced recording features seemed worth the value to upgrade our subscription, however these too did not work as described on the website. In addition, TheTruthSpy does not have some of the more advanced features, like call interception, that competitors offer.

We do not recommend TheTruthSpy, because our testing showed that there were issues with almost every basic and advanced feature. It leaves much to be desired in terms of functionality and its lack of offering of more advanced monitoring features.

“There are competing products that advertise themselves where these features work.”


“TheTruthSpy caused a noticeable drain on the phone’s battery during testing.”

After installation, TheTruthSpy had a noticeable effect on the battery consumption of the phone we tested. After using our phone normally throughout the day, the drain on the battery was far greater than when the app was not installed. Overall, we found TheTruthSpy to drain more battery than other applications.

In terms of data usage, TheTruthSpy also had a big impact. Even with most of the features not working, there was still a large amount of data consumed. In contrast to other spy apps which use data when information is being sent to the server, TheTruthSpy appeared to be sending and receiving data constantly. This could make it quite easy for the phone owner to detect that something is not right with their device.

“This spy app consumes more data than other apps – even when no data is being uploaded.”

It appears that TheTruthSpy is always active and maintains an open connection to the server even when data is not being uploaded. As a result, the app uses up more battery life and data that its competitor’s products.


The Contact Us page on TheTruthSpy website first directs customers to the FAQ section and then to fill out a contact form if the question cannot be answered by the information already provided. We did not find a Customer Support number on the website.

“TheTruthSpy support team were slow to respond and were impersonal in their replies.”

We reached out to the Customer Support team twice during our testing – once via online contact form and once via the online user portal we were given access to after signing up for the 48-hour Free Trial. The Support team was slow to answer in both cases, with our email asking to be upgraded to the Gold package taking more than 48 hours to receive a response. We also found the replies from their Support Team to appear as though they were from pre-made templates with no personal touch.

truthspy screenshot

Compared to other spy apps that have personalized messages, Live Chats and Support hotlines with agents you can speak to directly, TheTruthSpy ranked low in our tests in terms of Customer Support.

Our Personal Support Experience

As mentioned above, we contacted TheTruthSpy through the online portal to have our package upgraded. However, after no response from the Support Team we messaged again to say that if we were not upgraded within 24 hours, we would file a PayPal dispute regarding our transaction. This did result in a response, in which they asked us not to file a dispute. And 48 hours later we received an email showing our upgrade had been completed.

While we are only able to speak of our experience, it seemed that the main reason we received any support was due to our potential dispute claim.

Our Conclusion

On the website, TheTruthSpy appears to be a useful spy app for Android and iOS. However, this was not our experience once we tested the product. Out of all 20 features advertised, we were only able to use the most basic ones, with IM monitoring only working on rooted devices. We also experienced a lack of customer service and had a difficult time upgrading to the more advanced packaged. We conclude that TheTruthSpy does not offer everything that it states online and that is best to avoid this spy software You can save money and get more features by choosing another product.

The TruthSpy is available for both iPhone and Android users. They offer three different product levels with three different subscription plans which we have included below. Please note that our review is based on TheTruthSpy Gold 1-year subscription for Android.

The TruthSpy Plan
Starting for Free

Learn more about TheTruthSpy

For the latest information about TheTruthSpy and to see why we rated it this way, visit their website.