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TrackMyFone Review | Not Recommended For Hidden Cell Phone Monitoring

Reviewed on December 21st, 2022

Pros, Cons and Bottom Line

    • Offers unique features, such as remote device locking and wiping
    • Less battery drain than other spy phone apps

    • Many features did not work as advertised
    • Almost identical to XNSpy
    • Causes a noticeable increase in data usage

Bottom Line

TrackMyFone is nothing more than XNSpy, minus call recording. Like XNSpy, several of the key features simply refused to work so that also means it is not the best spy phone for Android.

Executive Summary

TrackMyFone is nothing more than XNSpy, minus call recording. Like XNSpy, several of TrackMyFone’s key cell phone monitoring features simply did not work.

TrackMyFone sells mobile monitoring software for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, this provider does not offer computer monitoring software. TrackMyFone’s products are targeted at parents looking to monitor their children's online behavior, as well as employers who want to monitor their employee's devices to make sure they are being used appropriately at the office.

TrackMyFone has 26 features designed for cell phone monitoring, which is a high number compared to other spy phone apps. They even offer unique features, like app blocking, that are not found in other spy phone apps. However, we found that most of the features we tested did not work properly (if at all) and we are therefore unable to rank TrackMyFone as the best cell phone monitoring application.

Installation Summary

TrackMyFone is one of the most difficult cell phone monitoring apps to install

TrackMyFone does not run completely hidden. Not only was it discovered by our antivirus program as soon as the software was installed, but it also does not delete the download URL or download file from you’re the device’s download history.

trackmyfone screenshot

“It's easy to find TrackMyFone on a device.”

The software failed to run when we tried to install it, even after downloading the APK file using the device browser and saving to the browser itself. We were met with an error message every time we downloaded it.

Even though TrackMyFone installs itself as a device administrator the software will not work after being detected by antivirus programs. In addition, it is downloaded as a device administrator meaning the owner of the device will need to reset factory settings to clear the software from their phone – if this happens, you will need to physically reinstall the software on the device.

Ultimately TrackMyFone is easy to discover on the device once it has been installed. For users looking to run a fully hidden cell phone monitoring, this is not the product for you.


TrackMyFone offers a wide-range of unique features, however they did not work

TrackMyFone comes with 26 features, but even many of the most basic cell phone monitoring features did not work. This included everything from GPS tracking to video file capturing.

trackmyfone screenshot

On feature we did find interesting is app blocking. However, the downside is that once you block an application from the device, you cannot unblock it.

Other features, such as Browser History, only worked with specific device browsers like Chrome. Other products we tested worked across browsers, making TrackMyFone less convenient and more difficult to use.

“Even the basic cell phone monitoring features do not work.”

Unfortunately, most of the advertised features just did not work. The features that did end up working did not work well. For TrackMyFone’s price point, we expected a lot more. In the end, other cell phone monitoring apps had more working features and a better overall value.


During our TrackMyFone review, we noticed a definite increase in battery and data usage

We tested the performance of our device both with and without TrackMyFone installed.

“TrackMyFone Had A Noticeable Impact On Data Usage.”

When it came to battery performance, TrackMyFone had a small impact. We believe that the minimal increase in battery drainage would not stand out to most users and therefore find TrackMyFone an okay option with this regard.

However, TrackMyFone did cause a noticeable spike in data usage that someone with a limited data plan would likely see. If a user believes that his or her phone is not functioning normally – or they see that their regular data usage is much higher than previous months – they may resort to a factory reset for their device.

TrackMyFone is not a battery hog, but the fact that this cell phone monitoring software does increase the amount of data used by the device, we do not recommend this for users looking to run a hidden spy app.


After sales customer service is available, but leaves something to be desired

Every good cell phone monitoring app needs to offer quality customer support and technical service to ensure customers can get answers to their questions in a timely manner. Unfortunately, we did not find this to be the case during our TrackMyFone review.

TrackMyFone has no presales support, which means you are unable to ask any questions about cell phone monitoring before you make a purchase. For this reason, we do not recommend this product for potential customers with no previous spy app knowledge.

When it comes to technical support though, TrackMyFone uses an email ticketing system. We contacted the support staff several times and they responded within 24 hours each time, which is faster than many competitors. However, the replies were generic and did not always result in the successful resolution or our issue.

“Replies were basic and did not help resolve our problems.”

While TrackMyFone does have a relatively responsive support team, the lack of in-depth responses or effort to make sure our problems were resolved left us with something to be desired regarding customer service.

Our Conclusion

Our TrackMyFone review found this cell phone monitoring app to be okay – not the best, but not the worst. It offers a solid list of unique features and customer service did respond within 24 hours, however most of the features did not work and the answers from customer service were basic and robotic. Add on the fact that TrackMyFone uses a noticeable amount of data, does not run in hidden mode and is almost an exact replica of XNSpy – the worst cell phone monitoring software we reviewed – and you can see why we did not find this to be worth downloading.

TrackMyPhone is available for Android and iPhone devices. They offer two products with three different subscription options for each. Please note that our review is based on the TrackMyPhone Android Premium 1-year subscription.

Android Premium iPhone No-Jailbreak
1 month $25 $29
3 months $45 $49
1 year $70 $75

Learn more about TrackMyFone

For the latest updates and to learn even more about TrackMyFone’s cell phone monitoring for teen apps, children and social media, visit their website.