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XNSpy Review | A Mobile Spy App That Could Be Great

Reviewed on December 21st, 2022

Pros, Cons and Bottom Line

    • Features call recording and live listening
    • Helpful Support staff

    • Immediately detected by antivirus
    • Most features failed to work

Bottom Line

XNSpy sounds good on the website but many of the key features failed to work. This is a shame because it could have been one of the best phone spy apps for Android if the features had worked.

Executive Summary

XNSpy has 26 mobile spy app features, including the WhatsApp spy feature. While this is fewer than FlexiSPY or Mspy, it is still more than most competing monitoring software providers. Unfortunately, when we tested the features most of them failed to work.

We found the software difficult to install, because it was detected by antivirus immediately. This means it did not run invisibly as advertised. And when it came to the features list, we were impressed by what they offered, but even the most basic features were unusable.

On the positive side, we did not notice a significant drain on battery or data usage by XNSpy during testing. We also found their Support Team replies to be knowledgeable and helpful, although they were relatively slow in their response time.

XNSpy is aimed at two main targets: employers who want to monitor their employees’ productivity and to ensure they are using company property responsibly; and parents who want to see who their children are chatting with on social apps and what website content they are viewing.

This cell phone monitoring software works with compatible Android and iOS devices. However, XNSpy does not currently offer computer monitoring software as many of its competitors do.

At first glance, XNSpy appears to have the potential of a high-quality mobile spy app. But after testing this product, it did not function as expected which is why we do not recommend this mobile spy app.

Installation Summary

XNSpy can only be installed without any antivirus on the target device.

XNSpy was immediately detected by our device’s antivirus during the initial download process, before we even installed it. This means that you need to delete or disable any antivirus programs on your device prior to installation. It is also important to note that if any antivirus software is installed on the target device after XNSpy, that it is highly likely that XNSpy will again be detected.

xnspy screenshot

After installation, we found that XNSpy does not hide any traces of the download file or the download website. In addition, the app was visible in the Application Manager and other menus, including Accessibility. While this is not a problem if you are looking for a mobile spy app that runs visibly, it is an issue for anyone who is looking for software that remains hidden.

“XNSpy did not run as an invisible app after installation.”

Based on our tests, we can conclude that XNSpy is similar to, if not the same as, TrackMyFone. Both cell phone spies had the same installation issues and claims of running as invisible apps, when they were actually extremely visible before, during and after installation.

XNSpy is the same as TrackMyFone and has the same installation flaws as well. It isn't the completely hidden spyphone software that they advertise on their website either.


XNSpy has an impressive list of 26 features, seemingly making it one of the better cell phone monitoring apps we tested. However, even after restarting our device most of the key features did not function.

xnspy screenshot

“Most basic and advanced features did not work as advertised.”

One feature we were interested in was remote app blocking. This feature did work, but it was flawed in its operation. After you block an app there is no way to unblock it from the XNSpy dashboard unless you completely uninstall and reinstall the software.

Advanced features, such as call recording and ambient recording, simply did not work at any time during testing. Even basic features, like video file capturing, had no usability – even after reinstalling the software.

Based on our experience, we do not recommend XNSpy for cell phone monitoring. The price makes the features list seem like a great value. However, once a user is able to install the software, the lack of properly functioning features does not make this a good investment.


XNSpy did not have a significant effect on the testing device’s battery power, which lasted around seven hours both with and without the software installed. The same is true for the amount of data usage consumed, with no sizeable increase over the period of testing. We suspect that if the features of this mobile spy app were operating normally, that the effect could be different.

“We cannot accurately determine if XNSpy affects battery life or data usage due to its lack of functionality.”

We cannot provide an accurate recommendation on the performance of XNSPY. This is because we were unable to accurately test how this app operated at full capacity due to its lack of functionality.


XNSpy does not have Live Chat support, which is not uncommon for cell phone monitoring companies. They do, however, offer customer support via email, which is common.

“XNSpy support staff were helpful and knowledgeable.”

xnspy screenshot

The time it took for XNSpy to respond to our support email was slow, but this is something we have become accustomed to unfortunately. The difference between XNSpy and many of its competitors, is that their email reply answered our query directly.

Overall, we were impressed that XNSpy support was knowledgeable and able to help us through their response, which did not appear like a robotic, pre-drafted message. Our suggestions would be to add a Live Chat or support hotline to their services and raise the standard of their software to match their support.

Our Conclusion

XNSpy has all the makings of an impressive mobile spy app, but it falls short when it comes to fulfilling what it offers in terms of features and device visibility. After installing and reinstalling the software, we were still not able to use the majority of the basic or advanced features. XNSpy was also detected during installation and was visible after installing the software with no antivirus on the device. The main positive factor of this cell phone monitoring software is its customer support. Even though it was slow to respond, we were able to resolve our issue. In conclusion, this is not a mobile spy app we recommend. Instead look for a product that comes through more on what it promises.

The TruthSpy is available for both iPhone and Android devices. They offer two different products with three different subscription plans each. Please note that our review is based on the TrackMyPhone Android Premium 1-year subscription.

1 month $12.50
3 months $33.33/mo
1 year $55.99/mo

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